• DME Services: The following codes are now available in eQsuite. Each of these codes require an individual review. A9276, A9277, and A9278
  • Important notice to all providers: We have made some updates to eQsuite in regards to updating your password. On 1/16/17 you will be prompted to change your password. The confirmation of this update will be sent to the email address that is registered on eQsuite. Please make sure ALL user accounts that are registered on eQsuite have an updated email address on file.
  • DME-Special Services: To providers entering special services reviews please note that the line item entries are entered as follows. Units are the units for 6 months and the cost is the cost per one unit for month not the total cost for all 6 months. Example: If you need 6 cases of wipes for 6 months and each case costs 72.00. The line items would be 1 case for 6 months for 72.00.