• System Update: Please Note:eQsuite System will be down Tuesday evening (August 11th,2020) beginning at 4pm CDT the system will be unavailable until 6pm CDT.
  • Covid 19 PA Extensions for BA Providers -7/22/2020: BA Telemedicine Services-BA Providers may request an extension of administrative authorization for Telemedicine Caregiver Training for up to 60 Calendar Days. Please continue to refer to the Instructions posted to on how to submit your request. You will follow set A or B instructions for telemedicine extensions based off the dates on the most recent telemedicine administrative approval. BA Direct Services-Providers may request an extension of BA Direct Services for up to 60 Calendar Days. Please continue to refer to the instructions posted on our website on how to submit your request.
  • Prior Authorization Requirments: In accordance with the June 12, 2020 AHCA Provider Alert, the waiver of prior authorization requirements and services limits (frequency and duration) for Medicaid-covered Behavioral Health Services will continue until further notice. In order for providers to bill for inpatient behavior health service and SIPP services, enter a request into eQSuite as you usually do, and you will receive an authorization number within 1 to 2 business days.
  • Support Doc changes : There have been recent label change for uploaded documentation submitted via eQSuite. The label options are Supporting Documentation or Supporting Documentation MDT. The later Supporting Documentation MDT, is only used by Behavior Analysis Providers in Medicaid Regions 4 & 7, all other providers should select Supporting Documentation.
  • New Web Address: Effective 11/1/19 eQHealth Solutions new contract site will be updated to This transition will also affect emails, new email address’ will be changing to end in .com Emails sent to .org will be received however we ask that you update your records to reflect this change. Contract Site: Email: